Injury Free

for how long have you been? rep for those injury free for over one year!

14 views and no reply’s? must be 14people with injury???

I haven’t been injured in years…my one friend says it’s because I don’t train hard enough…may be true :confused:

If you’re doing things properly (proper load, proper warmup, etc), you should rarely get sick or injured in track.

About a week. First time in 10 years.

i was going to rep you for 10yrs injury free, but i just gave you rep!
What happened to get the injury?

When I was 12-13 yrs old (I’m 23 now) I enjoyed long jump and triple jump in the summer. I did this only at school. The long jump runway at school was made of concrete. My sessions involved just doing jumps until I was knackered. Unsurprisingly I developed a chronic injury in my take off leg. I went through a couple of years of treatment for ligament damage. Unsurprisingly this didn’t work. I gave up. Then in 2002 I started reading about knee injuries. I went back to the doctor and pleaded for a consult with a surgeon (was hard work). Saw the surgeon, got an x-ray, saw the bone damage myself (an inch long split in the bone), had the bone (medial chondyle (sp) of femur) screwed back in place (July 2003). Had the screws out last Oct.

So that took 9ish years to fix. I’ve seriously hurt an achillies, an adductor, and my lower back in the last few years as well, due to stupid training. The back injury was probably related to sciatica I developed in early 2003, which I just cured last week. This was diagnosed as piriformis syndrome by the physiotherapist who was assigned for my knee rehabilitation. 18 months ago I fell off my bike and had seroius pain in my hand for months. I didn’t get that looked at (or any of the others looked at) due to a total lack of faith in doctors in this country (see above). This year I’ve also torn an intercostal muscle (OLing). In the process of getting my hand sorted, but compared to the others, it’s not really an injury, just a niggle.

That’s all my injuries so far. :smiley:

God Damn. Hopefully you will learn a lot from this forum and remain injury free for yrs to come.

So few injury free! Whats going on?