Injured my Hamstring

Injured my left hamstring yesterday at training. After reading the forums, I think I have a Grade 2 Strain. I checked the hamstring less than one hour after the injury but I could not find a depression. There is a slight depression where the hamstring and glute meet (gluteal fold) but I also have one on the other, uninjured leg. The pain is on the left part of the left hamstring in the middle of the hamstring, maybe slightly closer to the glute. This is the second time I have had an injury to the left hamstring - the last time was 3.5 years ago. As soon as the injury happened, I went home and have been icing it 15 minutes on/45 minutes off all the time I’ve been awake. I’ve done nothing else. I injured the hamstring at the very end of a 50m sprint. I had just completed 2x10m and 3x30m, and this was my first 50. My training has been similar to this before the injury - we have worked up the distance of our block work from 20m to 50m over about 8 weeks, along with some low intensity plyos and weight training. I had no problems with my hamstring until the very moment it popped.

I hope to get ART on Sunday (day 5 after the injury). I’ve browsed through many threads on the forum - any more pointers for my specific problem?


Do you have any back pain or any stiffness in the lower back? I for sure seem to be that much more vulnerable to hamstring injuries when my back hurts or is stiff…

Sometimes my back is tense in the evening before I go to bed, but not during the day or during training. My warm-up and drills before the high-intensity sprints was about 45 minutes so I was thoroughly loose before the sprints.

Man… I have had a simillar injury but in the right leg. But mine was a little tougher. With ICE compression and massage in the right times I was able to get back to running 5.9s in some easy 50s with shoes in 8 days!! yes. The problem was that after all the hard work I did in these 8 days I decided to skip a day of massage and go even harder in the next day. And guess what happened. Reinjury!! It took me 12 days to get back to the 5.9s this time around. What I want to say is. treat it right and it will take no time BUT… never be greedy!