Indoor Meets for High Schoolers in Midwest

Hey there. I’m a high school runner, and I’m looking for some indoor meets to run in this winter to get a good idea of where I’m at. I was wondering if anyone knew of any meets in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas, or Western Kentucky or Tennessee that are open to high school runners? Thanks for your help!!

MU usually has an All-Comers meet for high school athletes. It would help if you put some of your times on here. Arkansas has a big meet, but you might have to qualify for it.

Thanks for your response, MJ. I was planing on running at Mizzou. I’ve never run indoors before, but my outdoor PRs (soph. year) are 11.1 in the 100, 22.9 in the 200, and 52 in the 400 (which i ran only once), all hand-timed, so I’m not sure how “legit” they are… so I am not going to qualify for any meets , but am just looking for some experience

Try this site

Thanks for all your help!

it’s not exactly in the midwest, but the Simplot Games in Pocatello, Idaho, are the meet to go to if you’re in high school. People from all across the US and Canada go to that. Allyson Felix got 3rd in the 200 there last year, so it’s obviously an amazingly competitive meet.

Also there is the Nike Indoor Classic in Maryland its one of the 2 national indoor championship meets for high schoolers the other of course being NSIC in NY.

Yeah, I’d love to run at those meets, but I run 11.1 :frowning: