Indoor Long to Short

I have the Long to short template by CF and I have planned to use It for indoor with some modifications.

SPE2 start from 600 and progress to 350m. I hardly see myself (195pounds) doing 600m with any intensity at all. Curves are KILLING ME! (Flat track no incline curves)

Would It be possible to stay at the 300-350m range and only increasing rest between reps?

btw I will compete in 60-300m and I have not access to therapy, and this is influencing my choice regarding L to S.

My pb is 7.60 in the 60m injured (yes, my bad) two seasons with lots of injuries…No 300m pb yet…

Also with special endurance in each training, when would you place any plyo like hurdle jumps or bounding?

Basic split

Tuesday: Accel + SPE1 (as in the L to S)
Wednesday: Med.ball(UB)+ UB
Thursday: Tempo+abs
Friday: Accel + SPE2 (as in the L to S)
Saturday: same as sunday

Any help would be very appreciated!

What made you choose L-S, vs S-L? Short-L would help with the curve issue, which I believe is one reason CF began to go with S-L

btw I will compete in 60-300m and I have not access to therapy, and this is influencing my choice regarding L to S.

  • injury history etc

But honestly, I am still not 100% fixed yet

My high school team had no therapy and did S-L. Volume was much lower than expected but results were very good as the season concluded.

You can check out my training journal, Crusader’s Quest from this past spring for details.

Thanks for the imput, I will analyse your training and I’ll get back to you.

ok, your S to L start with 3 High Intensity days which I know would be out of question for me so I would put the things as follow:

Sunday: therapy

Monday: Tempo(mostly 2x6x100m)+abs
Tuesday: Accel (4x30m) + SE (2X3X60m) 20+MAINTAIN

Wednesday: Med.Ball(UB) + UB WEIGHTS

Thursday: Tempo(mostly 2x6x100m)+abs

Friday: Accel (4x30m) + Top speed (2x3xE/F/E)

  • Bounding 4x10m + LB WEIGHTS

Saturday: same as sunday

Lets say I build my spp like that, how will I build my SE-SPE to the 300m limit?

This way seems a little bit better to me, at least for 300’s

2 x 120-150m (start from low rest and increasing to full recovery over time lets say from 4 to 12-15min) FROM INTENSIVE TEMPO TO SE
or simply building up the distance? from 60 to 150m?

2 x 300-320m (start from low rest and increasing to full recovery over time lets say from 7 to 40min) FROM INTENSIVE TEMPO TO SPE1
or simply building up the distance? from 60 to 300m?

What I did in the past was training like that:

2x(400-300-200-100) 4 Reps:15 Sets

or just add one 120-150m after an Accel/Top speed day

I am only looking to make a smooth transition from a conditionning period where I did not ran any distance longer than 120m(tempo) and speed 25m uphill OCTOBER to a 300m(comp.)FEBRUARY where I can maintain as much speed as possible.

100/200 sprinters never did 300s in the 12 weeks we had for practice. We did 60s, and did some split runs of 80 yards later in the season. Runs of 100 and 200 were saved for meets, which were treated as SE days.

Is It possible to build 300m lactate capacity with only short recovery 60m SE?

I know that in the S to L training emphasis would progress as follow accel-top speed-SE-SP1-SP2

But in the S to L training sheet, I see this more like a pure 60m preparation that would lead into 100-200m outdoor after proper SE and SP1 training.

I injured myself many times in a S to L planning. Everyones here are fans of L to S. Not to say I am against S to L. If I were Ben or Usain, therapy, full time training etc. I would use S to L.

I will probably do all SPE2 with split runs like that:
instead of 2x600m (12 R)

2x300m (90s) / 12 R / 2x300m (90s)

A few questions; how old are you? How long have you been training? How tall? And finally what are you injuring and do you have any idea what is causing your injuries (or is it the same thing repeated)?

27 years old

training for 13 years, but track only since 2005

6 feet tall

Injuries was mostly hamstrings pulls, some was because my masso didn’t do a good job of removing scar tissues, sadly I have to do the job myself to have great results.

When I do too much short speed my body is tight as hell, a lot less with longer distances…even with tons of stretching

I keep volume In check and I am far from a volume freak, In fact I may lack some overall conditioning. Often borderline injured…

My greatest strength is my strength…
195pounds, squat 430, Rom dead around 500 etc. Vertical 31-32" Depth Jump 33"

I see L to S as a better opportunity to learn to relax more when I run and also be more efficient and loose less energy with useless muscle contractions.

Some calls for L to S
-I can’t tolerate high level of short sprints
-I am tall
-I compete in the 300 (also possible with S to L but more “cold turkey” in comp. situation)

Some calls for S to L
-I am heavy
-I have some strength and have a good nervous system

without seeing how you run it sounds like L to S would be fine for you especially with a 300m focus and a immediate concern for transitioning to SPP. You may want to look at Kitkat’s 4 transition weeks on the lactate threshold thread. It would be great to see you run so the experts on this site could rule out form and technique issues causing injury.

I am talking about the L to S 12weeks CF

This is the opinion of one member who already did the template JOHN

Having done CF’s L-S GPP1 pretty much as laid out (certainly 1st 9 weeks were) next time I will

drop a few of the accelerations …MAYBE MAX 4-6REPS

reduce the distance on the block starts …??? NOT SURE

on the longer accel reps make it accel to 30m
then maintain rather than trying to accelerate all the way …??? NOT SURE

On the longer SE reps on day 2 make the split runs with 2 mins between, eg on week 1 go 300 rest 2 mins 300, rest 12 300 2 mins 300… YEAH GOOD, BUT IS 2MIN OF FOR SPLIT RUNS?

Weeks 9-12 stay with 2 days instead of 3 as per the template but as my focus is 400s… GOOD IDEA FOR THE TWO DAYS

Long weekend. Did Kitkat answer it for you? If not one last question (I Hope) What kind of GPP did you do? I have used the L to S, S to L, the Hill GPP and the Kitkat GPP and have found the best mixtures for my athletes and self.

Kidscoach thanks for asking

I was injured (foot injury) during most of the GPP period (october), but I have worked on what I could do, lots of medecine ball, and MaxS in the weight room. It went pretty well, since my recovery was all for that didn’t loose vert but conditionning is the weakest link now.

after that I did one week of tempo based 3 times a week 120m uphill progressive since I came back from injury. It went better than What I expected.

I did set something with the help of kitkat for spp. My plan is to start with the spp template but with intensive tempo instead of speeding It up and build everything to have no shock for my organism. Maybe It will take 3 weeks to build to the volume and intensity of SPP.

Monday: light plyo, accel, ub maxS

Tuesday: track and field (university course, technical)

Wednesday:spe2 (300 / 1R / 300 / 12R / 300 / 1R / 300) + UPPER BODY HYP.

Thursday: REST

Friday: track and field + SPE1 150 / 1R / 150 / 7R / 150 / 1R / 150 + LOWER BODY

drop a few of the accelerations …MAYBE MAX 4-6REPS … HE TOLD ME TO SET AN ENTIRE DAY FOR THAT

What was the foot injury?

The pain was bad, after 4 weeks I was sure It was something like a broken foot since the damn thing didn’t want to heal…I am not patient on those kind of things.

Finally It was (Inflammation of the flexor tendons of the toes (flexor tendinitis))

It took 3 weeks to heal with many trigger points to release the foot and a lot of ice to control the inflammation.

I am now 100%

Great! Looks like you’re all set to go. We’re about to rest and test next week and then do the S to L 60’s Mon, 400 specific Tues, rest Wed, 3x3x30fly Thurs, 400 specific Fri, tempo Sat, Rest Sunday.

I got away from my high speed training last year, and though I won the 400 at my level, I was about 3 1/2 tenths slower in all my short sprints.

So yes easy on the accels but make everything quality, and not just to get the rep in.