indoor 200m

What do you guys think the difference in time for indoor 200m race and outdoor 200m race? Last year I ran a 22.49 at our first indoor meet of the year. The day after my meet I strained my hamstring and was out for a month. Our training was minimal. We really didnt do too much. We weren’t allowed to use blocks on the indoor track and we werent allowed to have spikes in our track shoes. What do you think I wouldve ran in the 200m outdoors?

This would be highly dependent on numerous factors such as lane draw and if the indoor track is banked or not. Generally speaking under good/like conditions you would be looking at a .5 difference unless you are talking about Fayetteville Arkansas which has seemed to produce times basically just as fast and in some cases faster than outdoor.

It actually was in fayetteville. I was just curious because I have never opened the season with a time that fast. My sophomore year I opened with a 23.6 indoor and ended up with 22.40 outdoor. My junior year I opened with a 23.04 indoor but was injury plagued the rest of the year. How much of a difference do you think not having blocks and spikes would make. Yes the track is banked but its quite difficult to run on if your not used to it. Many kids stumbled all over the place

Hard to say. And regarding blocks in the 200 indoors i’ve run the same with and without. Unless you’re running sub 21.5ish I don’t think it makes much of a difference (less than .05). Spikes is a whole other story. I’d guess between .2 and .4 depending on your running style.

thanks for the input!!