INDIA, domestic series - 18May05-

COUPLE of 52sec 400m girls, maybe one will become the new PT Usha? kk :slight_smile:


Surekha asserts her supremacy – Indian GP series
Wednesday 18 May 2005
New Delhi, India - Vazhipali Suresh Surekha avenged her defeat to Chetna Solanki of hardly a week ago as she sailed over a new national record height of 3.70m to win the women’s Pole Vault yesterday evening in the first leg of Vinex-Indian GP Circuit Athletic Meet at New Delhi.

The duo’s duel was at the centre of attention in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium yesterday. At their previous encounter during the inaugural ATE-Salwan National Throws and Pole Vault meeting at Salwan Public School grounds on 10 May both athletes had vaulted 3.50m, with Chetna getting the better of Surekha on count-back. But yesterday fortunes were reversed as Surekha, to the support of a cheering crowd sailed over the national record height.

Vazhipali Suresh Surekha (India)
(Rahul Pawar)

“Today is good with a covered stadium in our advantage,” commented the Chennai-based malayalee athlete, who mentioned that the gusty wind had affected the chance of setting the record at the previous week’s meet.

Elsewhere, Navpreet Singh (18.85m) and Neelam Singh (57.36m) continued their winning streaks in the men’s Shot Put and women’s Discus Throw, respectively.

Considering that both the World and Asian championships take place this year, the athletes were expected to show better marks in this meet but more can hopefully be expected at the next two legs of the national Grand Prix series which will take place in Patila (21 May) and Ludhiana (24 May). 400 metres runner K.M. Binu, who set a national record of 45.48 at the Athens Olympics is expected to take part in the second leg.

Ram. Murali Krishnan for the IAAF


Race-A (2.0): 1. Jagdish Basak (BSF) 10.48; 2. Piyush Kumar (Railways) 10.48; 3. H. Jayachandran (LIC) 10.53; Race-B (1.1): 1. Vishal Saxsena (Railways) 10.52;

  1. Sarish Paul (Services) 47.31; 2, Satbir Singh (Services) 47.32; 3. Bhupinder Singh (ONGC) 47.72;
    100m Hurdles (-0.3):
  2. Krishna Mohan (Services) 14.49; 2. Gurpreet Singh (Punjab Police) 14.89; 3. Ram Nivas (Railways) 15.45;
    400m Hurdles:
  3. Patlavath Shankar (ONGC) 51.46; 2. Joseph Abraham (CRPF) 51.56; 3. Kuldev Singh (Punjab Police) 52.11;
    High Jump:
  4. Benedict Starli (Railways) 2.10; 2. Amilkumar Chahal (Railways) 2.05; 3. Rajesh Kalirama (Haryana) 2.05;
    Pole Vault:
  5. Gajanan Kumar Upadhyay (Uttar Pradesh) 5.00; 2. V.V.Geesh Kumar (Kerala) 4.85; 3. Jitender Kumar (Uttar Pradesh) 4.80;
    Triple Jump:
  6. Bhupinder Singh (Punjab Police) 15.74 (-0.6); 2. Maheswary
    Renjith (Railways) 15.70 (+0.0); 3. Amarjeet Singh (Railways) 15.61 (-0.6);
    Shot Put:
  7. Ranvijay Singh (Uttar Pradesh) 18.85; 2. Kuldeep Singh Mann (CISF) 18.84; 3. Shakti Singh (Railways) 18.32;
    Discus Throw:
  8. Amritpal Singh (Punjab) 51.79; 2. Sukhbir Singh (Punjab Police) 51.06; 3. Simranjit Singh (Punjab) 50.69;
    Hammer Throw:
  9. Kulwinder Singh (Punjab Police) 64.24; 2. Pargat Singh (Railways)60.83; 3. Harpal Singh (Punjab Police) 59.04;
    Javelin Throw:
  10. Jagdish Bishnoi (Punjab Police) 75.73; 2. Sunil Goswami (Delhi) 74.66; 3. Om Narain (Railways) 74.35;

100m (1.0):

  1. Poonam Tomar (Railways) 11.55; 2. Deepti Jose (Railways) 11.89; 3. Kavita Pandya (Railways) 11.98;
  2. Satti Geetha (Railways) 52.36; 2. Chitra K. Soman (Jharkhand) 52.48; 3. Manjeet Kaur (Punjab Police) 54.03;
    100m Hurdles (-1.1):
  3. Anuradha Biswal (Orissa) 14.50; 2. Manju Paulose (Railways) 15.18; 3. Amita Sethyi (BSNL) 15.26;
    Pole Vault:
  4. V.S. Surekha (Railways) 3.70 (National Record); 2. Chetna Solanki (Uttar Pradesh) 3.60; 3. Geetanjali Bora (Assam) 3.40;
    Discus Throw:
  5. Neelam J. Singh (Railways) 57.36; 2. Krishna Poonia (Railways) 55.37; 3. Seema Antil (Haryana) 53.87;
    Hammer Throw:
  6. Ritu Rani (Delhi) 55.50; 2. Rajwinder Kaur (Punjab) 54.00; 3. Ushma Singh (Delhi) 52.03;