Incredible soccer workouts...

This is a place to reminiscence about all those wonderful soccer workouts we have been subject to.

When I was about fifteen we got a new coach. One of his favourite workouts consisted of 4x50x30 meters, all done on asphalt. During the breaks we did time honoured plyometric exersises like “jumping in place with lactic acid pouring out of every muscle.” Strangely enough, that was the year my team stopped winning.
Must have been a coincidence.

This was the coach that ruined my career. Whenever we meet we never say hello. I just stare at him and he hides behind the dark shades he always wear.

:eek: :eek: :eek: 4 x 50 x 30m on asphalt?!? I’m very sorry you were put through that. I thought some of the workouts my old fb coaches put us through were bad!!

Our coach makes us jog for 20-30mins at the start of training. It depends, if we concede late in the last game we might actually spend up to 45mins doing medium jogging.

Followed by tuck jumps (50 in a row if you don’t try hard enough), leg raises and hold for 2mins, sets of 50 situps with 30sec rest etc etc.

Aim is to improve our fitness apparently. This is because we keep conceding late in the game.

We then do skills work, then small games.

Finish off with a series of sprints (like 20-30) from one touchline to the other. Then 10 mins light jog.

Just because a workout is not optimal doesn’t mean that it fails to allow you to improve. I’m sure this workout is better than doing nothing. Overall, I’m sure your athleticism increased from training through these conditions.

Just because a workout is not optimal doesn’t mean that it fails to allow you to improve. I’m sure this workout is better than doing nothing.
No it isn’t.

Overall, I’m sure your athleticism increased from training through these conditions.
No it didn’t. My athletism was already “the stuff of legend”. Little kids lined up along the field to watch me play.
This coach wanted to transform me into something I wasn’t and God knows he succeeded. After he was through with me, I never became the same player again. I was just living off my previous accomplishments.

I feel for you Thor. One bad workout can ruin an athlete’s season. A season of poor workouts can end a person’s career for good and hurt them for life (physically and emotionally).

The thing with me was that I didn’t even realise I was good. I never thought in terms of good or bad, just fun and not fun. I was basically just an overgrown kid, with no ambition at all. Only after I quit (at nineteen) did I realise how good I could have been, because other people told me.

At age 33 I’m making a comeback though. In the summer I plan to try-out for some higher-ranked clubs. Of course, people think I’m crazy for believing I can pull this off, but that only makes it more fun trying.

what about the pro team that does this as a minimum twice a week in pre season and then once a week in season…

yes this is all one long session.

speed into weights into skills into 50 x 100m runs.
recovery on the runs is 2-1

still cant work out why they struggle, have injuries long as your arm and players wanting out…

Wow, that is ridiculous :eek:

If their players put in 100% max effort every run, surely they couldn’t complete the workout?!?

have a target of 16-17 sec pace anything over is penalties…

Thats still very bad. I’m sure that after around 30 sprints at 16-17sec pace, you will be pretty damned fatigued.

Plus you have weights, speed and skills before. Unbelievable.

What team does this?

Yes spill the beans on this team, name and shame them! :wink:

sorry cant name them on this thread…

but they are an australian based professional Sports Team

Blame the coaches all you want, but the players should have a direct impact on what is being done. If the players aren’t completely gut-less they would talk to the coach and adjust the training regimen. The captains should do this. If it’s the other players that have a problem then they should talk to the captains and sort the whole thing out. There’s no need to be some little bitch whining behind a coaches back about the practices. You could have stepped-up and got the training situation corrected.

It looks like Thor is blaming his life problems on this whole situation.

That would be tolerable- if you were a sub 44 sec 400 man. Of course, you wouldn’t make it to that speed with involvement with such sessions for long.

I read Jim Stynes book - ‘Whatever it takes’ - years ago and the workout you describe reminds me of the mindsets they had back in his day …

Should be re-titled:
“Whatever You’re Willing To Take.”

Damn right - or

“Whatever You’re Able To Suffer” !!!

From the book … One days Pre-Season training with Melbourne AFL in 1991

Canoe Paddle 12 km & Bush Run 15 km & Canoe Paddle back 12 km

… All done in under 3.5 hours

Blinky, I sense some hostility in your answers. What is the matter? Be frank man! Or shut up. No more of this womanly beating around the bush. You can PM me if you like.

i can top that…

a former team in the national rugby league that i worked for (sprints) in the late 1990’s had a head conditioner that came from the army’s SAS group.

we were in 2nd place for most of the season then 3 weeks prior to the semis decided a commando session would be good in the middle of winter in sydney harbour at NIGHT.

water around 10 degrees and some 3 hrs later after carrying boats, swimming ashore, running we preceeeded to have 3 players out for the weekend lost the game then from memory lost 3 of the next 4 games to miss out on the grand final in a year we should never have been beaten.

a year later he felt we werent fit enough so we had soft sand runs / walks/ crawls carrying 20ltr water bottles on each shoulder during the season.

the team never won a title despite having several rep players and are now not even in the competition anymore.