Increasing Hip Flex

I have a DB (Safety) - decent athlete but must improve his hip flex over the offseason. I have decided to give him some extra things he can do after each session.

Hurdle mobility series 2x10
Hip mobility series 1x12
Static Stretching series 1x30sec

Wts- oh squats, tempo db spilt squats, box db iso lunges 2x8/2x30sec

Field Drills - Comeback, Wet Field, Hip Flip on line x2 etc etc

Static Stretching series 1x30sec

Any Thoughts??

i think i have this problem too, could u share whats included in some of these “series”?

and are the wts submax stuff just for the ROM since they are after each session? and which are his HI days?

just curious, what did you notice that made you believe that he “must improve his hip flex” ?

is it a strength issue? by the look of the workout plan it looks like a flexibility issue…?

Def not a strength issue, he’s a FR- bp 350’s, squats 500’s, and clean over 300’s at a bw of 195-210. I’m looking at his overall movement and movement on the field, also I got feedback from the athlete.

Hip flexors? Hip rotators? Do any muscle length testing to confirm?

Quick glance, add microstretching post workout as well, potentially week ending yoga session??