In-Season Work

Well, my first question is more of a complaint than anything. I have a bunch of 400 guys who show up to practice sparingly. I think the best thing to do is just to try get them in decent shape when I can, by running repeat 300s and the like at a pace they can handle.

If they are any kind of basketball athlete their general fitness levels should be good.

Yeah, the basketball players are in pretty good shape overall. The non-basketball guys miss for a variety of reasons and aren’t in great shape.

I don’t know all of your current details but if you decide to do 300’s I would lean towards > ex: if your plan was to do 5x300 - I would drop it down to 4x300 and do 3-4x20-30 before the 300.

Okay. I was actually thinking of doing 3x300. If I get a second workout out of them, it might be 2xsplit500. Something along those lines.
I will definitely start with the 3-4x20 though.

Yes, it’s not much but at least your getting some form of accel work in 1-2 twice a week.

RB has been offering good advice.

I’ve used the cone at 20/30 thing with some success since he’s mentioned it.
Looking forward to getting some solid top-speed work in on Saturday!