In-Season Tempo Runs

I’m looking for some help. Does anyone here use tempo runs during their college/NFL season? If so, how did you set them up?

I’m looking to divide the players into two tempo groups: 250 and over, 249 and under.

My looking for some ideas for a 12-16 week season. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

I have no experience working with football players, but I think from general stand point that tempo should have been introduced in the off-season and in-season…
You can put 1-2 tempo sessions /w but I think that this time should be used to develop strenght/speed characteristics…
When spliting team for tempo, it is bettet to split them according to their 100m time (or 200m), because tempo should be done <75% of this time.
Tempo progession could be based on increasing the volume of a run:
4x(100+100+100) 1st week (1200m)

1x(100+100+100) 2nd week (1600m)

But think twice if you are going to introduce tempo in the in-season instead of some speed/strength development!

*For more tempo info search the archive

The heavier the athlete the lower the volume.

Try 1600m for lighter players around 200 lbs

1000m for heavy players