in season long jump training

hey guys i have a question about in season strength training for long jump. i have been reading that long jumpers should have a good strength base but right now my strength is really weak. im 5’11", 146 lbs and can only squat 195. my question is should i be worried about increasing my strength right now during the season, or should i just wait until the off season to increase my strength? if i should try to increase it right now what types of sets and reps should i do? thanx a lot

How old are you? What has your lifting been like lately? Have you been doing weights regularly?

i just turned 16, i started to lift about 6 weeks ago. i have basically been doing squats, leg curls and calf raises on monday, and on thursday i would do deadlifts, lunges, and calf raises. my furthest long jump right now is 20’10". i think that is because i use to do a lot of plyos

I would continue to lift but make sure your focus is on jumping & event work. In other words, don’t lift so much that you are sore/tired for your plyos or technical work.

For core lifts (squat) I would probably stick to sets of 6 reps or less.