In between Tempo run sets (BW ciruits)

I am looking to add BW ciruits in between my sets of tempo runs, I am nearing the season and I was wondering does anybody have any intersting exercises like burpees?

sorry this is a little of topic but where in MA are from? im from MA to and was jstu wonderin

Ftball, I have been doing some GPP on my tempo days for the last few weeks. I typcially do 10-12 40’s or 50’s then two rounds of GPP exercises (with 4 exercises each). Here are some of the exercises I have used -

Burpees, Moutian Climbers, Any uweighted ab movement you can think of, grass drills, pushups, some work with bands, shuffle splits, star jumps, verticals.

I tend to favour doing bw exercises before or after a tempo session instead of inbetween so that I can maintain the stimulus of tempo runs without big breaks.