Impulse Training Sytem....

Anyone ever used one of these? It is supposed to develop coordination, basically teaching your muscles to turn on and off quickly and effectively.

Dr squat swears by it - so it obviously has value

definitely pure rate work

evo sport (jay schroeder, adam archuleta)also uses it i have talked with the people at impulse power, it seems like a great machine. if you have any specific questions drop me a line.

James I was just curious if anyone here as used it and if they feel that it improved their performace…also what did it improve, their Reaction time, starting strength??? Just curious, I know a lot of people train athletes or aspire to train athletes on this site…was wondering if this device is something everyone who trains different kinds of athletes might want to invest in…I have never seen on personally but I did read that schroeder uses this machine to replace actually running sprints…I posted a quote from him in another thread about how using this machine is equivalent to running certain distances of sprints!

i think u may have been mistaken about using the machine to replace running all together. i have spoken with jay schroeder at length and his system is… not that simple. anyway, i have not used the machine personally but have read research about it. basically the machine takes gravity out of the f=ma equation. normally acceleration would be -9.8 m/s^2 in normal weight lifting. but using the impulse inertial machine, all acceleration is created by your muscle, ie even the smallest muscle firing will start to move the sled. instead of overcoming the weight of the object u have to overcome the inertia of the mass on the sled. the less the mass on the sled the faster u can accelerate that mass, therefor requiring more coordination, so it actually gets harder as mass is taken away from the system. anyway this system allows you to do may reps per second teaching your body to turn on and off with great quickness. the machine is great for developing starting strength (time between CNS impulse and muscle contraction). if u have anymore questions drop a line.