Improvised equipment & training

Hi to everyone on the list!

Im starting a new programme to get myself back into shape for football. However, I have a few problems. I only have limited access to a gym, and even that is more of a “health club” style gym (mostly machines, little free weight) so im looking to everyone for their imaginations!

Has anyone used, uses, or thought about using “improvised equipment” By this I mean using rucksacks as small plyo hurdles, bamboo sticks laid out in place of an actual speed ladder etc etc.

Basically im going to be training like Rocky Balboa in Rocky 4!! Using anything I can lay my hands on! any advice, stories or ANYTHING to get the creative juices flowing will be welcomed.

Thanks, Ali P

Get a chicken too!!

Sorry man - had to get a laugh this time of the moring.

Spending a little money in a hardware store getting about 10 pieces of cheep wood (Read Deal etc.) of reasonable size (1500 x 40 x 20 mm ) and try using these longish sticks about 5 - 6 ft tall for agility work, not just cones, helping upper body avoidance as well as footwork.

Skipping rope

Save for an EMS unit also.

Stay away from the bamboo-sticks!

I have almost made my home gym. When I do squats and benchpress I have put 2 hooks in the ceiling, and a rope hanging down to 2 metal things were the barbel is put.
You can come very far by just a barbel and some weights. I also have a multi-training-equipment where I can do all kinds of exercises.

it was half a joke with the bamboo-sticks, but the serious part is that using speed-ladders can alter your technique in a negativ way.
Search the old forum on speed-ladders.

THE CHICKEN!! Of course, I knew there was something I was forgetting!!

Why do you say avoid bamboo sticks Thor? Bad experience with them??