Improving Confidence? Increasing Motivation....

Basically i have had some low confidence lately, not just with T&F! and it is driving me insane.

What are some methods you guys do to improve confidence? on the track and in life in general?

Also, i would like to hear how you guys increase motivation to do things? same as above, on the track and in life in general?

thanks in advance


anyone with some help…

“We become what we think about most”

  • Think +ive;)

“Self discipline is the key to success”

I like certain quotes to motivate…but thats just me? what motivates you? Good luck with the training.

Hard work and realising that most people bluff it :stuck_out_tongue: .

If you have put the time in and done the correct prep for something (sport, school, exams, work) trust yourself and know you are ready. Often nervousness and self doubt occurs because you are in / going into a situation you don’t feel ready for. If you have prepared correctly a lot of that will be reduced. Which are the most nerve racking exams? The ones we haven’t reviewed enough for :frowning:

Don’t believe what you see, most people are bluffing it when they appear to have it all together.

From memory you are in your late teens, what you feel is natural, it will reduce in certain areas and change as you age. Even in my mid 40’s there are times when I feel like a nervous unsure teen :eek: and most people perceive me as self confident.

Only value the opiions of those you respect :smiley:

Anything worth having in life is from dedication and hard work. Unless you just win the lottery lol. But aside from that this holds 99% true.

About confidence, I think it is really not caring if things dont work out your way. A sprint analogy for example is in the start. You practice it everyday, you know your not going to mess up because of this. Furthermore you know that if you screw up, you’ll definately get it the next time your in the blocks. Therefore your not nervous.

And one that someone told me about track was that a single minded determined effort always pay dividends in you are persistant.

Bump, I have gotten to know some people who seem like they’ve got it together and when I really get to know them they are a mess.

thanks guys, been pretty useful.

is there somewhat methods that can be done or something? i don’t know, i’m just spinning crap at the moment haha.

but anymore advice?

Read success/motivational books.

For starters: The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. You’ll definitely love the last half. You’ll feel like you have a purpose in life. You’ll be more energetic everyday. Seriously, go get that book!

Personally I am not really into reading heaps of motivational self help books but can highly recomend First things first by Steven Covey it is easy to read and more importantly has practical application to all areas of life.

I find this is a big one. People put you down every day but don’t always really mean what they say.

If you ignore most of the crap people (including some friends) come out with and listen to the ones you trust, then you will find you will be much more confident.