Improving CNS resilience.

CNS resilience.

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CNS resilience can be improved through strength endurance and sprints to improve speed endurance. Adequate nutrition including amino acids can help lessen CNS fatigue over time. Runs that place a load on the CNS such as differential sprints, and ins and outs will develop the necessary CNS resilience for the 100m sprint.

Although that website has suggestions, would anyone else have anything to offer?.

Tyson seems to have incredible CNS resilience especially in the last 20m/maintenance (compared to the other runners).

Apart from genetics, great core/hip flexor power… Anyone got anything else to add? (apart from what the website also suggests).

I think the article author is confused…CNS resiliance??? This is a bio-energetic question.

Yes - too many douchebags out there are using the term “CNS” way too loosely, without truly understanding the implications of CNS stress and recovery.

I see people writing things about exercises that will “stimulate the CNS”. Everything stimulates the CNS. It is a question of how much, in what manner, over what duration and in what pattern. If you monitor HRV you will see that the nervous system is impacted by everything (lifting, running, coughing, laughing). In relation to sprinting and lifting, we are looking at load, velocity, duration, etc. in relation to muscle recruitment (totality of motor unit recruitment and velocity of recruitment). Simply look at the graph that Charlie and I created on Motor Unit Recruitment and various activities (sprinting, jumps, lifts). As you can see, all the activities will require motor unit activation - to greater or lesser degrees.

Well said Number 2, couldnt agree more.