improving athleticism

This journal is gonna be my workouts to improve my all around athleticism. This is my senior year and Im not training for one specific sport but i will be doing soccer in the spring and maybe rugby in college.


started as a sophomore at db in football on state semi final team

state qualifier in triple jump my junior year

height- 5’8
weight- 155-160
40- 4.9 (sophomore year)
bench- 215
squat- 310
dead- 425
vertical- 30"

Workout Plan:
bench- work up to max set of 5
db bench- 2 x failure (about 15-20 reps)
weighted pushups- 2x failure (15-20)
seated cable row- 3x7
db shrugs- 3x7
bb curls- 3x7
grip work

box jumps- 1, 2, 1, 2, 1
bulgarian split squats- 2 x 8
rdl- 2x8
weighted standing ab crunch- 4x10

chin up - 10, 10, failure
lat pulldown- 3 x 8
rear delt flye- 3 x 8
db mil. press- 3 x 8
db shrugs- 3 x 8
hammer curls- 3 x 8
grip work

squat- work up to max set of 5
lunges- 3 x 6
hyper extensions- 3 x 8
back extensions- 3 x 8
ab work

I will do this for about 3 weeks then change up some of the exercises. It is based on the westside for skinny bastards 3 template

I also practice soccer 3 times a week so i get sprinting and conditioning work in.


bench - 115x5, 135x5, 155x5, 165x5, 185x5

db bench- 35x16x2

seated cable row- 120x5, 160x7, 180x7

db shrugs- 60x7x3

bb curls - 75x7x3

box jumps- 4 steps x 2 x 2, 5 steps x 1 x 3
bulgarian split squats- 25 x 8 x 2, 50 x 2
rdl- 135x5x3

I like DeFrancos stuff alot. Look forward to seeing ur results.

yea im pretty excited about this program also

todays workout

1 hour of soccer scrimmaging = lots of running

got pretty winded

thursday september 27, 2007

chinup - 10, 10 ,12

lat pulldown- 120 x 8, 130x8, 150x8

rear delt flye- 15 x 8 x 3

db military press- 30 x 8, 35x8, 40x8

db shrugs- 65x 7 x 3

hammer curls- 30x7x3

wrist curls- 35x10x3

another hour of soccer

friday september 28, 2007

did a lower body workout but didnt have much intensity, it takes a while for me to build my squat back up after some time off

Monday October 1, 2007

soccer for over an hour

bench- 115x5, 135x5, 165x5, 175x5
wanted to try 195 but didnt have any energy for it

db bench- 40x12, 40x10

machine flyes- 100x10x2

seated cable row- 180x7, 200x7x2

db shrugs- 70x8x3

bb curls- 75x7x3

still been lifting just forget to post.
some highlights

squat- 265x5 (still not back up to max which was 285x5 but first time i have tried hard on them in a while so feeling good about it)

lat pulldowns have been feeling strong also

I feel stronger on the soccer field and i can overpower the people i have been practicing with so this is giving me some confidence to make up for my lack of technical skill right now.

monday october 15, 2007

bench- 115x5…135x5…155x5…175x5…190x5

db bench- 40x10…40x10

machine flye- 90x10…100x10

seated row- 200x7x3

bb curl- 75x7x3

db shrugs- 70x7x3

wrist curls- 35x10x3

nice strong workout.

tuesday october, 16, 2007

deadlift- 135x5…225x5…275x5…315x5…335x5

rdl- 135x8x2

bulgarian split squats- 50x2x8

lots of ab work

got soccer tomorrow