Improved technique = reduction of speed?

As a general rule, when you reduce the number of reps, you should increase the number of sets to help lock the exercise and load in to the nervous system. Perhaps even 5+ sets of 3.

Yes, and i guess there´s no space/time to track work on these days of max load because of the cns stress right ?

Last week I had dry needling done around my calves for shin splints which has been amazing. Very little pain, which has helped form somewhat.

Secondly at the advice of a sports physio, I’ve started doing direct hip work by using a thera-band doing side-to-side stepping; just two sets to failure every second day. I’ll be interested to see if this pays off in any way!


I agree with Firebird on neural patterns. My coach spent the summer before my sophomore year re-working my poor form, and the next year I ran, as he put it “mechanically” and wasn’t much faster. This year, I am quite a bit faster and my running looks fluid. Re-arrangement of neural pathways, perhaps?

Side note on CNS, in our weight training class, we have “max week” and we have to 1RM on stuff for part of the grade, like how we much we improve. I towel-benched 200 and benched 185, plus did a couple of example starts at the track because the coach was teaching the new kids how to start on a curve. I have to run the 100m and 400m tommorrow. Will this affect me? I am thinking doubtful but asking for confirmation.

P.S. I know I shouldn’t have even mentioned how little I lift, keep in mind I’m a 130lb high schooler.

Hhhuummmm !!!
Ok, Matt give me some information about
your frequency ( how many strides are you stepping over 50, 60, 80 or 100m )
your steps lenght ( how many cms are you taking each step )
your PB for distances like 20, 30 even 40m,
depends on it, i´m gonna tell you something reeaaally good !!