Important Vote

Hi all

Need an answer on this…

What should be the minimum age for members here at

My concern is that 1) we have too many minors here that are seeking “tech support”, a service that simply isnt offered. This will have an impact in the long run.

I’m saying 18 years old minimum (a legal adult). It becomes a legal fine line if we recommend a product to a minor and its something i’d prefer to leave to other websites.



Certainly no younger than 16. I think 18 is reasonable.

16 why?? Ans-at this stage of life people generally have good cop-on.

If there can be posting restrictions, then 16. I don’t think a 16 your old giving advice works for me (or an 18 year old for that matter). Otherwise, 18 is fine.

I recant. 18 years minimum. Too many kids asking for full programs as though they are going to make it without a full time coach.