IMPORTANT : Ordering from us.


On several occasions I have received member messages regarding orders for which no payment has been received.

For this reason, I am going to go over the payment process which is 2 short parts.

Buying products

Browse our store, choose what you want and check out—>>> it is very important to note that if you do not click through the paypal image at the end of the checkout process YOUR ORDER DID NOT COMPLETE.

Upon fully checking out, you will receive an email from that you order was received, and a second email from indicating that you have successfully completed a transaction. YOU NEED BOTH THESE EMAILS for your records.

If you have both emails, and still have not received your order YOU MUST email using the subject “Question regarding order”. In this message you must include your paypal receipt number, if you do not have one- you did not complete the order.


Do not use multiple email addresses when either ordering or communicating with us- it adds an extra day to our reply getting back to you.

Questions regarding orders in this thread will not be answered and will only be answered by email due to privacy issues.

Thank you