Important Note to all customers


It has come to my attention that many customers are still unaware of how our store works. Here is an overview.

Your Account at our online store

When you make a purchase with, you do so by browsing our products and adding them to your shopping cart.

When you are finished shopping you have 2 options (1: You are an existing customer, 2: You are a new customer). On checkout, you are required to either login to your account OR setup an account.

Your account is where ALL your orders are managed, this includes all DOWNLOADS.

When your order is complete and we receive notice of payment, your order status will change from pending to COMPLETE. When your order is marked complete you will be able to download your orders.

Links for downloads are NOT sent to customers, ALL downloads are handled from your account.

To login to your account, you use your email address and password. If you have forgetten your password you may request it be resent from our store.

Generally orders take 24 hours to approve and this is because we need to receive notice from PayPal.

I hope this helps