Important note on products/downloads


I want to outline some key issues with our downloadable products. You must be aware of the following BEFORE purchasing.

What do I need to know?

  1. You get one chance to download your products.

  2. You should be using a high speed connection, our files are large and a dial-up connection will most likely fail.

  3. Do not message me asking for download extensions, I can’t help you. Our system is built to provide downloads right from your account. If you get a “maximum downloads reached” this means you must repurchase your order.

  4. Be sure to save your order to your hard drive. is NOT responsible for your purchase…you are.

Hope this helps, any questions…please post them here.

Thank you


Paypal order ID:4UY61480KW3683613 completed on 16/10/06, still not sent. I know you get a lot of emails and maybe some are marked by the system as spam.

Send an email to We will not answer order questions here. Last time I’m going to say this guys.

Thank you.


Like the new homepage Rupert, nice job …