Importance of Testosterone?

lmao…damn it
well in that case. get some zma and a lot of good sleep.

ZMA is the shit, I love the brand I’m taking now.

I take the 1fast400 brand. what kind do you have

BTW the index to ring finger ratio does NOT reflect your adult testosterone levels. It reflects how much testosterone you were exposed to in the womb… and according to some this does seem to have an effect as an adult. I recall one such study measuring the finger ratio of business men… the larger the ring finger in comparison to index finger the more succesful the business man.

My ring finger is longer than my index finger. I should go into business!

It’s meant to be longer! In males anyway…

Big hands big gloves.

Apparently I offended someone, and as an athlete he has been on stage in competition against Aroldy (the governor). he was clean.

He has some south african blood and didn’t go to uni because they didn’t cover what he wanted to learn, He can read and watch documentaries so he just ain’t got a bit of paper to say he studied. Became a farrier to support his family and career and didn’t go to tech for all the above reasons. People assume he is illiterate.

I really don’t care about the red, if I offend CF I think he will tell me and I will stop posting on his forum.


Sorry man, but i dont understand what your talking about in this post??
I think the last bit ur refering to getting a bad rep point. But everything before that, what are you one about?

The reason for the red was Garbage, I was I was giving the credentials for man who helped me with my weights program.

I am now supposed to believe the body doesn’t make it’s own hormones just like it does endorphins.

Lies under the heading if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bull.