Dear Members,

This (amongst several other posts) I’ve made, is intended to clarify some very simple, straight forward processes at I cannot keep answering the same questions over and over again. So I’ll do it one last time here for all those interested in buying products & services from our website.

Why don’t I get an “instant reply” to my email I send to Rupert?

Email is replied to in the order it was received (if at all*). If you use senders names like “John Doe”, “Street Thug”, or anything else beyond what you used in your order, you WILL NOT get a reply because these emails are deemed “garbage” and discarded automatically by our system. Remember to use the exact email address you used when you ordered from us. If you are seeking information from us (general or otherwise) you must include your contact info.

We will NOT answer questions like “How much does Charlie charge to train athletes”, we choose not to answer these questions because as all our experienced members know, each case we deal with is different and handled on an athlete by athlete basis.

  • I get 100’s of emails a week, I will not reply to any email that isn’t marked clearly. Ask those on the site that do get a fast reply from me, they enjoy this because they use common sense.

Also note that I will not reply to senseless email, or silly request emails of any sort. As for the press, you may continue to email us and based on the merits of your message, it may (or may not) be replied to.

I don’t want to use paypal, how can I order?

Please write this down for safekeeping. To order from us without using paypal, simply get your order total from our onlinestore and email “” marking your subject MONEY ORDER REQUEST. I will reply within 1 business day. I will confirm and send you the address you need to send your payment to. Besides paypal, money orders are the ONLY accepted alternate method of payment.

How can I confirm payment has been received by

When your order completes using paypal, you will get an email from paypal saying your payment to us was successful. At that time you need not do anything except wait for your order to go from pending status to complete. Depending on how fast paypal is, this may take minutes or may take up to a few days to verify. This is by design using the paypal system and yes we are looking into smoother options for our members in Europe and abroad.

My shipping rates couldn’t be calculated at the store, what do I do?

Again, you need to email “” subject “SHIPPING RATE REQUEST” in this message we need your full address (including ZIP or postal code) and the product(s) you wish to order.

I really want to train/speak with Charlie, how do I do it properly?

Buy a consultation from our onlinestore. Upon receipt of your payment I will contact you to confirm your arrangements. For serious athletes, this is the only “front door” to training. Charlie will need to speak to you and get a feeling for what you need (and most importantly, how he feels he can help you). Consultations are sold in 60 minute blocks and yes, you can save time (and bank it also).

I didn’t get my order, what do I do?

If you ordered DVD’s or VHS tapes be advised that depending on where you are in the world, it may take up to 3 weeks for your order to arrive. This may be shorter or longer depending on how fast your order clears customs. If you didn’t receive your order (hard product) within 3 weeks, just email “” subject “LOST ORDER::ORDERID CF####”. Simple as that. If you are emailing to ask about your order,be sure to ALWAYS include your CF orderID.

Somebody/something is bothering me on the website, what do I do?

If something on the website is upsetting you, please report this to a moderator or myself directly. We will then investigate your concerns and take action.

I have products I want to sell on, what do I do?

Email us at “” subject Business::ATTENTION Rupert/Charlie". Simple as that. Include a telephone number we can contact you at with an exact description of the product/service you wish to have on our site.

Hope this helps,