Implications Of A Flu Pandemic For Athletes

What are the implications for athletes who are training hard and challenging their bodies weekly if there is a flu pandemic? Are they more likely to suffer during periods of challenging training or are their immune systems more able to fight the virus?

What precautions should athletes take to reduce their chances of infection?

Life-saving miracle that brings hope to millions
dying of AIDS


By Gemma Calvert

A BRITISH man has become the first HIV sufferer in the world to be CURED of the killer virus, we can reveal.

In a sensational development that will bring hope to millions dying of Aids, 25-year-old Andrew Stimpson has miraculously tested NEGATIVE for the disease after having it for more than a year.

The results so dumbfounded doctors they repeated the test TWICE because they couldn’t believe it — but they could find no trace of HIV in his blood.

They have labelled Andrew’s case “medically remarkable”. And a spokeswoman for Aids charity the Terence Higgins Trust said: "Nobody has ever spontaneously cleared themselves of HIV.

“It’s the statistical equivalent of going to the moon without a spaceship. HIV researchers will be jumping up and down about this.”

Now sandwich maker Andrew is to offer himself for medical tests to unlock the secret in his body that has killed off a virus responsible for wiping out 20 million people worldwide since 1981.

“I feel truly special and lucky,” he said. "All the doctors have told me it is a medical miracle that I am clear.

“I remember after the repeat tests my doctor came into the room saying, ‘You’ve cured yourself! This is unbelievable, You’re fantastic!’”

“It’s important for me to help with research because it can be a big step forward towards a cure for everyone.”