Im confused

Hello…i am new to the site and completely new to “e-books.” Yesterday I purchased (by paypal) the 3 pack that includes: Speedtrap, the CFTS, and the forum review. I thought that the file would be sent to my email where i would be able to download it. However, i think i made a mistake. I am a member of the forum with a username but was not a member of the other type of account in which i believe you download your ebooks from when i made my purchase. What should i do and when and where can i get my ebooks? Sorry for the stupid mistake on my part…i was just in a huge hurry to purchase the books and start studying them asap. Please help!!

Once payment is confirmed they can be downloaded from your login area in the store. If you go to the store now and login you should be able to see the status of your order.

Thanks for the information…but how long does it take them to confirm payment? Its been 2 days now…

Can you email me? Please send me a message and and I’ll check into your order. All orders to date are complete, so just send over your order information.


I sent an email to you regarding my order. I have paid for it and everything and am still waiting on it. Thanks for your help.