Illiotibial friction syndrome ITBS


i recently came up with this small injury. Somebody got some nice tips for me ?

If u don’t know what it is, you can find A LOT of information at the wiki .

I already did some stuff: went to the physio, it maybe has to do something with my supporting soles, so i had them repaired. Just waiting for them as we speek; i hope this will help the itbs go away.

Somebody has some experience with this litte pattstrap trick ? pattstrap

Dang i just found this post…any ways very helpful information, since i have well i would almost say cronic itb tightness. i mean our team phys. gives me stuff to do to help it but he never fully explained it like that page does. Any ways thanks.

Yeah, my problem got solved, more or less…

My soles are repaired, i did a lot of excercises for the aBductors: lying on one side, raising the other (straight) leg…If that muscle is stronger, it takes away a bit of the trouble for your knee. Anyway i got these little injections to cure the inflammation because when you want to heal it with rest, one have to stay aside for almost 3 months and that I honoustly can’t make :smiley:
The injections helped a lot, so I am running back again at full force :smiley:

BTW that pattstrap thingie won’t work at all…don’t even consider it :smiley:

yea i didnt think it would