Idea for Research Paper.

Maybe you guys could help.
For a class called “Cardio Fitness Assessment and Programing” I need to write a 8 page paper on “something”. The topic can be pretty much on anything in the field and only has to touch upon the cardio or aerobic part. I dont want to do soemthing I am not going to benefit from or understand.
If anyone has any good ideas and can direct me to references that would be much appreciated.

Heart rate in speed power athletes vs endurance athletes perhaps? I dunno just brainstorming…

thanx guys.

Just curious, what are you majoring in? Kinesiology?

That is correct.

Why not a paper on the benefits of cardiovascual development on strength/speed/power athletes, along with the drawbacks. I’m sure theres tons of research as to its effects on recovery, fibre composition, etc…that you can fill an 8 page paper with

sounds interesting, 2 question though Quick:

  1. can you choose whether to do it on general related fitness (sedentary ppl) or performance related fitness (atheltes)?

  2. can you relate your topic to a chronic disease? (still touching upon CRF though)

If you can, I have a few ideas, hit me back…

I can do it on anytihng Although Id rather do it on athletes since it is somethign that I will actually enjoy doing and can get somethign out of.

Why don’t you write on aerobic gains from anaerobic training especially at higher volumes for power athletes (sprinters, skill position football players) Mike Kent From Univ. Of Pittsburgh, PA is doing a lot of work and having a lot of success here. Good luck.

I would find interesting to read about CRF and its impact (+ve or -ve) on sprinters. Relative to intensity and volume and frequency. Just me…

quik, how about a study on ugliness and sprint speed? You could test your sprint time without me behind you staring, then you could test your sprint time starting looking back at me before exiting the blocks…I hypothesize that my ugliness will cause an extreme drop in your sprint time perhaps a new PR!!! One look at this mug and you will be rocketing in the opposite direction!Just to factor out variables I will stand at the other end of the track and you will sprint towards me…I think your time will be the worst ever??? :smiley: For real though, how about V02 maxes in sprinters compared to Long distance runners? Kind of over studied I think do a search and you come up with tons of studies and papers! I’ll talk to ya! PEACE :cool:

Ok…Guys thank you very much for your help!!!
After looking over everyones suggestions I have come up with a topic.

I would like to write about “The Interference Effect of Combining Endurance and Power Activity with strength/speed/power athletes”. I would also like to discuss the benifits of cardio devel. on these athletes as well as the use of cardio activity as a recovery tool.

If anyone knows of any research they can direct me towards that would be much appreciated!

Not sure if these are exactly what you need, but they worth a try

  1. D. Docherty and B. Sporer (2000). A proposed model for examining the interference phenomenon between concurrent aerobic and strength training. Sports Medicine, 30 (6), 385-394.

  2. H. Tanaka and T. Swensen (1998). Impact of resistance training on endurance performance. Sports Medicine, 25 (3), 191-200.

  3. G.J. Bell, D. Syrotuik, T.P. Martin, R. Burnham and H.A. Quinney (2000). Effect of concurrent strength and endurance training on skeletal muscle properties and hormone concentrations in humans. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 81, 418-427.

A bit old, I understand, but they might worth having a look at.

Hope this helps!

Thank you!
I actually found 2 of thoese sutdies you mentioned just before when I was searching for references. Thanks again for your help.
Also thanks to everyone else for helping me out with the topic for my paper.

Some good sources to look to at for sports related info are:

Hope this helps.

You can try these also:

  1. Bulbulian R, Chandler J, Amos M. The effect of sprint and endurance supplemental training on aerobic and anaerobic measures of fitness. J Str Cond Res 1996; 10(1): 51-55.

  2. Gravelle BL, Blessing DL. Physiological adaptation in women concurrently training for strength and exercise. J Str Cond Res 2000: 14(1); 5-13.

  3. Koziris LP, Kraemer WJ, Patton JF, Triplett NT, Fry AC, Gordon SE, Knuttgen HG. Relationship of aerobic power to anaerobic performances indices. J Str Cond Res 1996; 10(1): 35-39.

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