ian king's books

i have in plan to buy some King books,but it would be nice to hear your opinions.


What books?

He’s a very thoughtful guy and he has alot of products on tape and books as well. i’ve done a few seminars with him and he’s a good guy and has been to our house several times.

I can recall a series of leg workouts call 'Limping into…". Not sure about the rest of the title.

It was a quite a few years ago when I tried them over a 3 month period.

‘Foundations of Physical Preparation’ is awesome.

‘Writing Strength Training Programs’ is practical awesome.

‘Winning and Losing’ is strength coach advice awesome.

Heard good things about that one. I have it on order but shipping isn’t the quickest from AUS to east cost north america.

From what i remember:

Ian is a strength coach, so most of his products geared towards athletic development are his bread and butter.

Later in his career he started writing about bodybuilding methods. This stuff is totally different than his athletic development stuff (as it should be).

So regardless, don’t judge his limping or get buffed programs as how he views training or programming of athletes.

I like Ian and his material. I’ve talked to him on the phone two or three times. He’s real down to earth. I would like to own more of his stuff, it’s just expensive, but what isn’t now a days.

What do you expect from an Aussie and a Queenslander to boot (I think)

Ha, I never know what to expect:rolleyes:

I found his ‘Winning and Losing’ on Amazon for $10 US! It can be done.

I’d be watching out for those sydneysiders and Melbournites. People North, South or West of those place are pretty good.

I must say I try to read as much as I can of Ian’s work, and has been a big influence on me.