IAAF introduces new transgender rules at Doha council meeting


Im gonna throw a wig on, say im a girl and see if I can get into a few diamond league meets.

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The IAAF would require you to lower your testosterone to female levels for at least 12 months before competing in this case, which I think is fair enough. The problem lies with the increasing number of sporting federations that don’t have such a requirement and allow biological males with normal male levels of testosterone to compete against females. The IAAF had to fight a legal battle against Caster Semenya for years to be able to establish their testosterone rule.

So your telling me… I’m allowed to take a PED (test) for 20 plus years then take a year off and lower it…it would be fair? How much muscle power strength would I really lose? No matter how you slice it…this Shit is not fair. Ever notice that females who become males are not fighting to compete with real biological males? It’s only Bruce genders who wanna come out and beat up on real women…this is pure bullshit. They need a tran league…period

Track and Field needs a person of note to stand up and organize a collection of the top people from the top events and model themselves after other successful sports.

There will be no end to the stupid shit like this ever as long as the athletes are one person against the IAAF or IOC.

Meanwhile, in Canada Cycling


But ban Men for life who have been caught bc of the possible lifetime benefits of PED use long after they stop using.

It won’t stop until a female is killed by one of these man ladies

This made me laugh outloud this morning when I read this Chris.
Is Bruce Jenner going to come back and compete in woman’s masters Heptathlon? LOL

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The entire idea of how the manipulation of one’s hormones is ludicrous. Apparently our hormonal profiles are the luck of the draw at birth and now we are able to optimize hormones in a way that we could not do before via private and self funded blood and hormone testing. Track and field peeps need to start their play towards allying themselves for more controls over their participation in one of the best sports we have, TRACK and FIELD.
Athletes need to understand the powers that be ( federations, states, counties, provinces and governments are benefiting on all sides off their dedication and hard work. It’s a win/ win for the sport federations and it’s a high risk maybe you win / maybe you don’t adventure for track and field athletes in 2022. It should not be that there is only one person to win or a small group of people who win. Track requires extreme hard work and great sacrifice and you still might come out empty handed. This fiasco with the transgender is a distraction to the main issues of the track health. IMHO