IAAF concerned about unfair advantage

Check out this article. Its about Champion amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius competing against able-bodied athletes.

IAAF concerned about unfair advantage

Should be interesting:)

There was a thread like this not too long ago in the off discussion board.

My opinion: He should be competing elsewhere. It’s not too long before mainstream prosthetic limb ENHANCEMENTS are available, let alone replacements. Whos to say what material/design is advantagous and what isn’t?

If there is an unfair advantage then it can be tested. Probably they will look to see if the artificial limbs are tuned to allow greater stiffness than natural limbs. They will be able to calculate the physics behind it all.

Maybe you can make something stiffer but the ultimate complexity of human locamotion with all the other factors involved… i can’t see an enginneer really being able to do a better job than nature just yet. If he starts running 43s well maybe but he’s quite a long way off of this.

I agree TopCat…if Pistorius was running insanely fast like 44 lows/43 highs then it can be looked into…If the limbs were mechanical then i’d understand the concern…wow imagine mechanical limbs attached over the legs…! 9.4 sec 100m and all sorts manga imagination overload :smiley:

If you see times on 100 and 400…400s are a lot better…much more energy is stored and released in that elastic legs…I imagine in 800-1500 the advantage cna be great…but I’m happy if he has opportunity to show himslef and promoe sports, but this is a real danger…after doping we can go really to bionic man…one win a race but no! let’s wait engineers response on material stiffness…