I would Like Opinions on the Ian King/CF seminar.

I would like peoples opinions on the Ian King/CF seminar video. What differences have you noticed in the IK/CF seminar that was different then the products offered here?

Here is some info from a different thread,

I found the Ian King/ CF seminar video of value. It reinforeces alot of what we already know and Ian King offers his views as well. He is a good speaker. As well the videos cover a decent amount about coaching team sports and hit on plyometics quite a few times. One downside as stated on Ian Kings website is the videos arent great quality. It itsnt filmed professionally. If you turn up your TV real loud you can catch most of it and after a while you get used to it.

Consider these films the best in underground.

Agreed with Quik. Worth.
Charlie’s dissertation and manually drawn graph of the “worthwhile break” concept is in there -and in there only- too.

Thanks guys that’s all I needed to hear!

Every time I hear Charlie do a presentation, I learn something. Even when I watch the same presentation over and over and over again, I always pick up something, understand a concept a bit better or start thinking about training in a different way.


We’re done with this. Buy the films. This is going nowhere fast.