I Will Be Loggin Out Soon!

I will soon stop posting on this webiste, because i think that is about time. It has been a great source of athletics information, and it has learnt me a few things.

I think it is a good message board, and people don’t take the internett experience to seriously and to heart. Like others on the Iaaf for example.

I have not been the most detailed, poster or enthusiastic. But i tried to do something constructive, like my journal.

I messed about a few times, because it is a laugh.

I will stick it out until the end of the season.

The board won’t be the same man. Seriously, you had some of the highlights humor-wise.

Gee man I’ll miss your posts too.

You’re one of the only training logs I read religiously man.

Best wishes man

Good luck mate - keep training - maybe come back some time and let us know how ur getting on.


Any particular reason you are leaving?

best of luck shumon. whatyougonnadonow!

Thank You, am going to compete three or four more, times this season.

What am i gonna do now? well at the end of the season, am taking about a month off, where i might just do some swiming.

I have’nt swam for about a year, because i don’t go the baths. But i think that it will be good for me, my body has alot of issues.

I think they need to sort themselfs out. After that much needed rest, i will maybe start training again.

This all depends on my last, three meetings of this year.