I wanna be described as explosive when i have the football

Anyone know how to be explosive?

hmm possibly trying sprint training…sprinting is explosive and im assuming is the type of explosiveness u want for football

but when i got the football i cant run in a straight line

You make no sense. How to make people say you’re explosive? Who cares. Get faster and stronger through lifting, sprinting, plyos, and even medicine ball work and you will show them how explosive you are when they watch you from behind when you have the ball.

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. YOU have to identify what makes you not explosive with the football and you have to be honest with yourself. And you’re going to have to be much more specific, otherwise you’ll get answers like sprint, do plyos, lift heavy, do med ball work, etc., etc., etc.

The great thing about sprinting in a straight line is that the torque on joints is far less than doing huge volumes of agility work. My history and observations of great programs lead me to believe that it is best to do various circuits with a keiser (dont’ shoot me) such as various movement patterns as part of the warm-up and tempo to teach some coordination and foot placements instead of just doing eliptical jogging. Running in a straight line will help develop maximal acceleration to improve the potential of cutting. Great max strength and elastic work that is not sport specific will carry over…some “bridge work” like a game of hoops is not evil but keeping the volume low in order to facilitate offseason gains is vital. The best thing to do is review film with the position coach and see if the move or agility pattern was technically wrong and or limited strength wise. Some people have great moves but they are just generally too weak while other weightroom beasts have no coordination and could use some drills provided that they are not trying to be a ACL “SAQrifice”.

Entire books have been written on the subject (a few of them are on this site.) You can’t hope to have a question like that answered in a thread like this. It’s like asking, “So tell me about this Chinese history thing…”

I’d consider purchasing a book or DVD from this site. It would be very helpful indeed.

good post. You can’t safely do the amount of volume needed for speed improvement by practicing cuts/routes/agility. Explosive is so cliche. Use the name of the quality you want to gain, in this case quickness. Explosive is so overrused because it encompasses everything( speed/strength/agility). Explode off the line, explode up for the rebound, explode into the tackler. I try to be implosive. :smiley: