I think I pulled somthing

Today when I was on the track, i was doing 30s and 50s.

On my last 50 I got out pretty good, no problems at all. But when I finished I got this cramp feeling.

You can see where it hurts in the picture, (Its in red where it hurts)

Now, everytime I touch that area, it hurts. Everytime i walk on it with out flexing my leg a little, it hurts. But if I sit down it doest hurt. Just any type of movement hurts.

I tried stretching it out but that seems to cause more pain in that area.

Its been going on for a good five hours.

What should I do? Take a hot bath with epson salt? Massage? Ice? Continue stretching?

Also, could it be a tear or a hernia? (Damn, that would suck :rolleyes: )

Thanks anybody

P.S. Could it also be my hipflexor? Cause it hurts in that are also.

Is it like a sharp pain when you lift your knee up?

I used to get that all the time when I wasnt even a sprinter. I’ve gotten it a few times as a sprinter though, but not often. The hip flexor is a real bitch to hurt. I remember years ago one day when I got it, I just did the butterfly stretch and held that pretty long, couple minutes, and it felt a lot better instantly. It was weird that’s for sure.

Since today’s first day of injury, RICE.

Yea, When I lift my leg up, like even two inches off the floor I get this little pain.

Butterflys? Ill give that a go.

Whats “RICE?”

Yeah, dunno how well it’ll work for ya though, I think I just got lucky.

Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.

Don’t sprint with this pain. Definitely don’t. You won’t be able to go fast, and you’ll only make it worse. Ice it often daily. I dunno if you can really compress it, but sleep with your leg(s) elevated, and when you ice it too.

Thanks man, Im gonna do that in a little bit.

How long do you think its gonna last? How long did yours?

No prob…should just be a few days. My pain was really sharp and got better after a few days.

Allright, thanks a lot. :smiley:

Looks like you may have strained one of these muscles: sartorius, gracilis, or one of the adductors. From that picture, it looks like a little bit too much on the medial side of the thigh to be near the tensor fascia latae or psoas… But then again, the picture can’t do justice to what REALLY happened.

If it’s bugging you that bad, you may need to get it looked at by someone.

Self massage around that area is fairly easy and effective. Lay on your stomach, put something like a lacrosse ball, rolling pin, rock… etc. under that area and put pressure on the area by leaning on it. Very useful. I do it probably 3 times/week.

Don’t stretch it. That will just cause it to spasm. Instead, do the opposite. Keep the hip flexed, which will take tension off the muscle(s) involved and let the muscle spindles calm down. They’re in protective mode right now. You probably just overextended yourself last night.

Yea, Kinda got me thinking earlier cause when I had to walk up three flights of stairs I noticed when I flexed my leg, some of the pain virtuall went away.

How long should I take off from running before I can get back on the track and do some sprint work?

Today was a tempo day of 4 150s and 2 200s

Athletes I work with experienced simmilar issues you are describing… I think it was a hip flexor pull, more precisely a pull of a m. rectur femoris.
We have discussed this issue on these boards. Hope it helps.

Also, take a look at this instructional video by Michael Boyle. The rationale behind this is that weak/inhibited psoas major forces the rectus femoris to work “harder”, and as a result rectus “overtrain” and pull/strain happens. Thus, the solution is not in stretching hip flexors but rather strenghtening/activating psoas!
Hope it helps!

I agree. Let it settle down for a few days. It may come around quickly but that area doesn’t respond well to initial stretching at all.