I Need These! ! ! !

does anyone know what I cant buy these spikes??? I think they are the mizuno chrono ss or a similar model.


yes they are the chrono my advice is to contace the site where you got the photo.its a japanese site but try sending an email and maybe they can understand english

the athletic trainer at my school is from japan I might ask him for help… :smiley:

Wow, those are pretty sick. I hope they’re released in the US…

I just found out you can only buy them in japan because they are a limited edition model of the SS Chrono. $240 american on sale for like 190… DAMN IT

What about the white ones below the black ones? Are those “Japan Only” also?
MIZUNO クロノインクスSS

They look to have the same plate.

aw…don’t fall for that.if you have the $$ they can post anything no probs.

go to the site i gave you and ask can they post them

remember…all that glitters aint gold. I have a pair of spikes similiar to those. When I raced in them, the shoes didnt stay on my feet and yes…I had them tied up and strapped on. When the gun went off, so did the shoes…get something that is gonna stay on your feet…

But then again, maybe you will have better luck with them than I did…


You are just too fast… you ran right out of your shoes!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: were they size 20s

on a more serious side,all mizunos i have worn in the past have fitted like gloves and the fit especially for me were absolutly fabulous.the very very best

i had a similar problem… I bought the gold and black NIKE zoom rivals right when they came out… I ran my 100m fine but the 200m half way around the corner my left foot ripped right out of the shoe…

I have a fairly high arch and need a stiff sole or else my feet cramp up wicked bad… and I tried the mizuno geo sparks (from a friend) and they seem to fit nicely… OH DONT I WISH I LIVED IN JAPAN

All your shoes are belong to us.

well being an unemployed junior in high school… kinda makes it tough to get high end quality shoes???

I Just Got The Asics Cyberlash Wooooooot…

oh yeah i found out only a certain amount of those shoes were produced… blah. so its super hard to find em :mad: