I need any possible tips quickly!

I got provincial legions this saturday and in order to qualify for national legions I need to fix my start. I step out very hard, and power out quickly, however the only problem I have is the reaction to the gun, Im always behind after the start. This isnt always how it is in practice, but usually i got a very slow reaction and even slower in meets.

Any tips or help? thanks

do you do any reaction drills to sound?

What does Charlie say in Speed Trap about changing things at the last minute… Bad Idea.

He will say listen for the gun, pump the arms, and relax.

This problem is actually my mental state i think RIGHT before the guns about to go. I feel too relaxed and “settled in.”

Think about your first action after the gun and not the gun itself. That way it’s a reflex and not a reaction- about a tenth faster. Also breathe in and hold your breath on the set command.

i was wrong sorry that is not what Charlie said.

thanks charlie, definitely will do and im going to have one more practice tomorrow to get it all ready.