I need advice!

I’m new with the whole supplements business, where do I start? I’m fairly active. Tai Bo classes twice a week and weight training 3 times a week. With softball and ice hockey in between. My goal is to lose body fat and gain muscle tissue. Any advice?

Start with a well-balanced diet and a multi-vitamin. You cant sacrifice this for a bottle. When training gets to a point when the food choices alone are not providing all you need, then look at adding in supplements. To improve body image, start with the exercise program first, to make sure it is providing the results you want.

And read the Nightmare Diet …

I have been taking Centrum Multi-Vitamines and Vitamine C everybody for the past couple of months. Should I stick with those?

What’s the Nightmare diet? Where can I see it?

Search the archives for it - it has a thread all of its own.

Stick with those. Centrum is a solid multi. The Nightmare diet is in the archives. Do a quick search, or search under nightmare4d for his posts.

dump the centrum and go with Usana or HPF liquid vitamin…since my athletes use many supplements they prefer the liquid stuff since pills all the time is tough.

Not a big enough reason to drop the centrum. For those of us that lead a normal active lifestyle, this type of multi is fine.

I haven’t tried Usana and I know liquid MultiVits are better than caps or tabs for absorbtion, however liquids don’t avoid or solve the same absorbtion probelms.
Correct me if I’m wrong but the ideal would be either …

  1. a two part liquid multi vit or
  2. a series of caps/tabs to be taken at meals.

The pills are harder to digest than the liquid, but I think that we are on the verge of overcomplicating this issue. If someone, who by the post, leads an active lifestyle (not necessarily training for the Olympics), eats a well-balanced diet, a multi will do what it is supposed to do. SUPPLEMENT the diet. There are pro’s and con’s with every supplement, but looking at availability, affordability and consumption habit will assist the person in choosing what will work for them.

I agree completely, Dive.
I wasn’t making the point for Chris’ benefit, just putting it out there.