I need advice for Cross Country.

I searched the old site for ‘5km or crosscountry’. If i missed what i m about to ask please direct me to the correct post.

By applying the CF principles to cross country, what is the distance for the tempo runs and weekly volume for a h.s. girl.

Also, the distance and weekly volume of speed work.

thank you

200 meter intervals @ 75 will be a great place for her to start. Maybe 16-20 of them? That would be a total volume of 3200-4000meters.

now for speed days, do i maintain the 300 meter total volume guidelines. Also after the speed session, if it is in the morning, would tempo running in the afternoon be alright?

what about continuous runs? good, bad or do they have a place?

thank you

I don’t know the competition distances but I think the main factor is the selection of REP distances, which I’d keep in the 200m and below range. Any thoughts?

Many sites can get you started in the right direction for hs cc:


Mileage guidelines are tough to assign without knowing more about your training background.

Vigil’s guidelines would be:
9th grade 15-20mpw
10th grade 30mpw
11th grade 30mpw
12th grade 35 mpw

Start lower if you need to, building to these levels.

The tempo that Charlie describes can be done, although I would suggest some continuous runs as well.

Actually the tempo that Charlie suggests is not to far off of what coaches like Daniels would recommend for rep work.

If you do true speed work, do it early in the workout. You can always add easy distance after to meet your mileage goals.