I need 4-5 Plyometric exercises to perform twice a week.

Hey, I’m a basketball player, currently weight training (heavy+OL’s)

I need some Plyometric drills to use also, I feel I really need them

I want to do a short pyometric session (lower) twice a week, on upper body lifting days.

I think 4-5 EXR before\after the workout would be great

i’m open for suggestions, (I need intensity 2 )

BTW, my parallel squat is more than 1.5 my BW, if that matters

Vigorous horizontal hip-thrusts…Sexercise the new training methodology by CLJACKSON04.

Depth Jumps
1leg depth jumps
Multiple box hops
Explosive push ups w/wo clap
1 leg bounds
Bounds for distance

Adding plyos in-season?

as a basketball player you’re probably getting plenty of elastic work.

it’s not likely that you need to add to much – especially in season.

Even if my pracs are easy ?
2 pracs+game.

Yes. You are probably getting well over 200 contacts, EASILY.

Do some research, read a book, do an internet search, you cannot expect to be spoon fed

Guess ur right
thanks anyway

Silencer this is all described on the Van’02 DVD where Charlie talks about his work with the Bulls. Remember if you do too much plyometrics you will kill the stretch reflex and actually reduce your vertical jump (or get injured). Plyos work but in limited numbers. You have to consider what else you are doing at the same time (week/session). Anything involving explosive jumping (layups, dunking etc) is plyometric. Not to mention every jump shot, reaching for the ball during the game etc. Plus stopping and starting involve a lot of eccentric stress.