I made FSU's Football team!!!!

Well as the topic suggests I tried out for FSU’s football team and made it. 50+ tried out and I had the fastest cone drill time (thats the only speed test they did) and I was STOKED about it cause I won by a large margin. Now is the next phase however. I want to be beyond good and I want my speed to be unbelievable. I bought the Charlie Francis training manual and the forum manual as well. This was a while ago. I will soon have access to division 1 trainers but in the mean time I had a few questions that I couldn’t seem to find the answers to in the manuals.

My acceleration is way above normal however my top speed is suffering. I weigh about 180 lbs (very lean) and i am 5’10". What kind of things can I do to increase top speed? I have thought of running hills but there really arent any hills around here to run (I live in Florida). Any tips you can give me to decrease the 40 time? Thanks in advance guys. I love this forum.

Congrats, glad to hear you got what you worked for.


congrats. I used to live in tally. I ran track for fam. If i was still there i would love to help you out. Do you run track at all or just football

Congrats on making the team.
In order to increase top speed you must train you body /central nervous system to run at top speed. Maximum Velocity is usually achieved after 20-30 meters and maintained for less than 3 seconds. So in order to improve it we do what are called flying sprints. Flying sprints are runs done at near 100% with a 15-30 meter acceleration zone and 20-30 meter maintainence zone. So you start with an easy acceleration hitting top speed at the cone after 20-30 meters and staying relaxed maintain that speed for another 20-30 meters. Flying 30’s with a 20 meter accel. zone are usually only zone for 6 reps with full recover to ensure proper recovery of the atp system as well as the central nervous system. The rule of thumb we use is to rest 1 minute for every 10 meters traveled. So for a flying 30 with a 20 meter accel. zone you would rest approx 5 minutes between reps.

Congratulations are well deserved.

Football really is not a sport of top speed. Unless you are a long distance receiver, top speak means nothing other than on test day I guess.

Many coaches are starting to realize this and you can see training programs begining to adapt.

Be proud that you have great acceleration as that is what will make you the $$ so to speak in football.

Zepplin, what your saying may be true to a certain extent (accel is much more impt than max v. in football) but I think for a kick returner, wide reciever (as you mentioned), running back breaking to the outside, or even a DB getting beat downfield, I think top speed or better known as breakaway speed on the football field is veryy important.

Congrats on making the team and good luck!!

LakeMountD, congratulations.

In regards to non-specific abilities, what are your current known measurables? (eg strength levels, speed, combine drill numbers)

Congrats, I want to walk on next year and was curious what kind of testing and such I would go through. What is everything that you had to do and at what position?

Agree! Need to know where you are now before suggesting changes. Also it is sometimes a fact that the means to a higher top speed is simply more recovery and flexibility/mobility/massage work.
In any event, if you are already working hard, something must come out before something else goes in!

Good job! Keep working and I wish you continued success.

Tomahawk chop baby!!! Good job ,keep kickin ass…and show Bobby B a thing ot two :stuck_out_tongue: