I Love Canada!

For the first time in my life I was able to visit Canada!! Loved the place! I was in Canada a week ago and I was around Ontario… I got a chance to see Niagara falls.

I’m definitely going back, and I want to visit Toronto and Montreal! Canada is such a beautiful place, and I found Canadians to be much more friendly, civil, and polite unlike Americans. I was also amazed at the lack of police/cameras, and how much smaller the homes were in Canada.

No wonder why so many Americans are trying to move to Canada!

Hmm, no wonder why I noticed a difference:

"I think the main difference a person would find between the two countries is that Canadians are very laid back compared to Americans. There are very few extremists of any sort in the country. Most people are not interested in politics very much other than how it effecting them personally today. I also find that the average Canadian is much better informed about things in general both in the world and in there own country. My wife was in Tennesse last week and she asked a store clerk if such and such was valid in Canada? The clerk asked my wife,“what state is Canada in?” That would just never happen in Canada and we laugh because we run into things like that all the time in the USA. It’s because the Canadian system of education is vastly superior than that of the USA. The public education is the same if you are from a working class area or from the richest area in the country. That illustrates another big difference between us. In Canada the division between the classes of society have been largely broken down. The kids of modest means really don’t think the rich are any better or deserving than they are.

I’m not trying to bash the States here I’m just convinced after 56 years that Canada is light years ahead of the USA when it comes to social progress and humanism in the good sence."[/i]

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/canada/804172-things-americans-should-know-before-moving.html#ixzz2bKMyku9b

What happened to number1, have missed his insightful comments

Some canadian kid: “Hey, neon rider is on! Can i stay up and watch it?”

Some canadian dad: “Yeah sure! But not too long. Me and your mom are going to bed.”

Some video of Ben Johnson making an appearance in the canadian series ‘Neon Rider’…he races a pack of horses as they return from their round-up.