I have videos to trade good ones at that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am willing to trade-1988 Olympics trials m&w 100m finals
1988 Olympics trials m&w 200m finals
1988 Olympic Hj coverage
1988 Olympic Mens 200m final
1988 Olympics m&w 400m finals
1988 Olympic 110m hurdles final
1988 Olympic m&w 800m final
1988 Olympic m&w 4*400m
1995 World Mens 200m final
1995 World Womens 200m final
1997 World U.S. trials mens 100m
1992 Olympic triple jump coverage
1984 Olympic triple jump coverage
1985 IAAF Grand Prix final 100m female
1985 UCLA Dual meets
1986 U.S. Championship coverage
1993 World Championship coverage
1988 Olympic Hammer Throw coverage

All for-
2004 WIC womens 60m final
2003 world womens 100m final
Marion Jones videos from Birmingham
Womens 200m final from Athens
2005 womens 100m final with replay
1992 Womens 100m
1992 womens 100m hurdles final

THANX in advance

what do you mean by trade?

What I mean by trade is… I will give you all those videos for those videos that I posted at the top for all those videos I want at the bottom.

I also have other great videos if like
1996 Olympic Trials coverage
1992 mens 400m hurdles
1993 mens 400m hurdles final
1996 womens 4*100m relay final
also a clip of Jim Ryun

Are they on the computer? why not just be a good sport and post them to be enjoyed by all

I have all what you want. But just on video tapes. If I had them on my computer I would not have traded them anyway. I would have posted them to all the people here who have helped me reach what I am today…

ohh by the way. did you buy these things!!!? What are you trading then. Your efforts!!?

As Adam said, be a good sport. I never asked for anything in return when I post videos, neither did Thor, TMSSF or any other video contributors that I know of…Actually, you didn’t even have to bring up Trade talks, you could have just requested those videos and they would be searched for, and if found, uploaded, by members such as myself who usually do that sort of thing, or members who just happen to have the videos.

Unless you paid for the videos, its really unethical to demand a trade, and it would be unfair to members who want the videos you have but don’t have the videos you want.

I have over 3/4 of the videos on the list of videos that you have, but you won’t see me demanding a trade, as a matter of fact, I they are on my video site:


The links that I provided in the “contact information” area of my video site, particularly the http://macthrowvideo.com/ link, has much of the videos that you have.

The videos that I host on my track and field video sites are exclusive videos, which means they cannot be found on any other permanent video sites.

First, I had to create several different accounts at the video host to accomodate all my videos, 12 accounts, which means 12 sign up processes, but even before that I had to create 12 INDIVIDUAL yahoo email accounts because each signups required its own email address!!

Then I uploaded those videos one by one, literally, then re-name and categorize all of them. In total, I have uploaded 2571 Megabytes (2.51 Gigabytes) of Track and Field videos. Since my upload rate is about 30 kilobytes per second (kpbs), that means it took me a little over 24 hours total to upload all those videos to the site! And remember its one video at a time, plus thats not taking into account the time it spent to do the things I listed before (create accounts re-name, categorize etc)! And don’t forget all that computer time adds up to the electricity bill!

Then finally I signed up to the freelink site to join all of the accounts together on one site so that guest would have easy access.

I could have easily have charged a small fee or something of the sort (or a trade-in like you are demanding) for membership to the site, but I don’t, its completely free, no sign-up even necessary, just go there and download, no strings attatched.

Be a good sport…do the right thing. :wink:

However, I am not a spiteful person, I will still search for the videos you requested, and I will post them if I find them.

Very true on requesting trades…either post the videos or this thread gets pulled.


How do you wanna change? To me its like playing around. If you wanna share vids: Post them here.

You will probably get some of the vids you wanna have here, i.e. 2005 final with replay.

This web page is free and it is about helping other out. How would this page work if charlie and rupert would say - I I can help you with SPP if you trade this with me, when they already have and know everything

I will post them so you all can enjoy them. Thanx Dainel !!! For the videos. You can find alot of the videos on my youtube.com also on my youtube page tracstar2000 I recently added the semi-finals from the Seoul Olympics.

Here are my links( I will have to post the others later because I gotta go)


Okay I’m back. Any youtube videos by Trackstar2000 is ME I posted them
I will post more later


7 pages of Track and field goodness


I’m very sorry :frowning:

I thought that is how it worked on here. That is how it works on another site I know of. SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

whats your problem?

What do you mean what is my problem?

Well I learned my lesson from Daniel and Rupert and the other people who posted saying I sould share them not trade them.

To DaielC101 thanx for that video from Zurich. I’ve been looking for it for a long time.

I’m in a internet Cafe right now so I can’t post my other videos like I promised. But When I get home I promise I will post the rest.

L W Fan…Welcome aboard. We all share together, therefore we all grow together. :slight_smile:

Randy G
“Do you have what it takes to be Spartan?”


I’d say don’t worry about any misunderstandings…your post certainly was impressive. Welcome to the site, glad to have you as a member of our merry group.

I’m happy…7 pages!