I have a problem!!!

There’s this football player at my school who has been talking trash about me for soem time now saying how since he ran a “4.6” in the forty yards, that he can beat me. But the funny thing is…a few months ago his forty time was a 5.2 while mine was a 4.7(i just run track) and then all of a sudden his coach has a “private” fort time evaluation and he some how runs a 4.6! My track coach said that it is physically impossible to drop a 40 time from 5.2 to 4.6 from july to december just by lifting weights. while in the meantime, i drop my forty time from a 4.7 to a 4.5 and now this guy is claiming he could smoke me in the 100 and 200 meter dashes! My PB’s in them have been 11.49 and 23.9. I have been running consitant 24.4’s on average and 11.6-7’s on average with no competition. I ignore ihm because I know i would hand it to him since when i was in football i always beat him inthe sprints, but now he is getting the whole school to think I am slow, so what do you think I should do? Race him and embarass him infront of the whole school or just ignore his childish antics?

let him pick the day, time, place and distance …
so enough people can be there…

and then may the best man win…

just my opinion, tho.

hey man i had the same thing happen to me. this kid who had never run track and his football 40 was like 5.1ish said that he had run a 4.6 40 in weight training class and that he could smoke me in the 100 and 200, since his 40 was faster (i run a 4.7 in the 40 and the hundred a little slower than you and the 200 about the same) i told him to pick the day, and i killed him. so take primo’s advice, i’m sure you’ll smoke him, most people like that can’t back what they say.


i say why bother. Two ways to deal with him. 1st way is cream him or the 2nd way stuff him.

The 1st way - from previous experience you might win the race but not the war. A loud mouth is always a loud mouth.

2nd way let him go his way and what ever happens, happens my personal favourite.

it’s funny, he thinks 40 times judge your outright speed, when actually they judge your acceleration more than your absolute speed. At school, he can only talk behind my back, when i look straight at him he looks away and leaves lol. also he says he will race me in the 100 and 200 but when i ask him he says “i already know i can own you in that i jsutwanna race you in the 40.” I tell him if we run “your” race then we gotta run mine as well fair is fair.


remember this quote…it will save you alot of stress in life…

“What other people think of me is none of my business.”