I currently have my group in the 6th week of GPP and I was curious to know opf ideas of when to introduce hurdles into the program and how do you introduce them with the trainign program?

Use them on recovery days - easy tempo over lower hurdles?

Introdue them in the warm up on high intenstiy days?

Substitute speed work with hurdle work?

I’d start out with the hurdles on the recovery days and perhaps by the end of the GPP do some starts over 1,2,3 hurdles at the start of the speed sessions (down and in for hs 2 snd 3)
By SPP, you can adjust the hurdles to suit the individual needs.

Thank you very much Charlie,

It makes me feel good when the answer I get is what I was actually thinking

FYI I ususally do not train the University hurdles at race height - always at 39" and 33" for women

Yours in Athletics