For UK members on GB Eurosport tomorrow (Tuesaday) at 4-30pm a 15 minute programme showing the athletes from HSI.
Caught the last 5 minutes of it tonight while channel hoping (I was bored):smiley:

Thanks weegiecoach. I saw it today it’s quite good. It lets us in on some of the HSI groups’ secrets and mental attitude.

Your welcome X King

I missed as I was still at work then straight to the track (forgot to set the vid up !!!:()

Will need to look for it again

Nothing beats watching people train for a week…no smoke and mirrors.

i was lucky to have viewed the entire 15mins.JS was working with MG’s block-clearance which was interesting.JS explained alot to MG on what he was/wasn’t doing,very good.also went into depth about feeling+relaxation.

next up was AB going through the 100m race,ok…then Inger Miller talked about the 200m strat…fine bird

what station is this on?


“your so f***ing gifted, the gift is working against you!”

i laughed so much at john with some of his comments :slight_smile:

It was a great program, i managed to tape them all too! Maurice has got a back that a bodybuilder would be proud of.

I think that they are planning on making some programs focusing more on training and athlete development. cant wait!

Guys - will you keep us posted on the programs if you have prior notice (missed that one - damn!) cheers!!

I wonder why that isn’t shown here in the states. I’m sure BET (Black Entertainment Telev) would love to aire something of that nature.

JS comments someone said
I laughed so much at john with some of his comments … I love his analogies when it comes to sprinting.

He has some nice cues I use to this day.

Kenny Mac~~~

I sent them an email to enquire as to when the repeats will be, but some of the times i was given were incorrect.

I’ll just have to leave it on the channel whenever im watching telly :slight_smile:

Excerpts from the program can be seen at:


I’m assuming the processes stated in each is more a function of hindbrain activity!