HSI video clips from EUROSPORT

I will leave you the instructions how to download 5 parts of Athletics HSI The Sprinters Eurosport.

There are 4/5 parts available currently! Good documentary with Ato, Mo and others walking you through and giving you some pointers/tips.

For those who do not have ADSL or Cable connection - well you will need longer to DL.

If you do not have eMule software - go to www.emule.com to download it. It is for free!

Once you DL the software you need to get familiar with it. Read - user manual.

There are 4-5 different servers you can connect to. You want to connect to KAD. Once you are connected go to search to find this series [see above].Once you find it simply DL it.

Not bad doc. to have in collection.

There are some other races but you need to search for them.

Maybe our video KING Thor could DL them and put them on his server???


i am quite sure that these are the same vids like on AB.com

and where could you dl them?
can you post a link to the dl?

I doubt that AB.com has it. These are 5 parts and each part is around 105MB. Around 520MB in total.

You can DL it by using eMule. You need to be familiar with the SW to DL it.

Yes…but i can’t find part 4 :frowning:

I found these videos a few years ago but I have not seen them since. Eurosport does not offer it and neither does the new HSI website. What are you seeing that I’m not?

Yes, part 4 is missing or has not been uploaded. Maybe it will be uploaded at some stage.


The documentary is from 2003 and you are right but with eMule you can easily get them.

Finding them is easy, downloading them is the hard part, all of the downloads stop after a while, and just keeps waiting for sources to continue forever

Of course. That’s the case with eMule because people are not required to keep their ratios up. However, eventualy you will be able to DL them. It took me 3 days but I got them.

There is part 6 released today. There are enough seeders so it is possible.

Also there are 2 parts “Inside the competition” from HSI [65MB + 68MB]…it is also new on eMule.

Good luck!

why cant you post them and upload them at megaupload.com or sth like this?

and: i cant find them on emule. What do i have to search for exactly and where(on server, edonkey…)?

search - Athletics HSI The Sprinters
Servers [ Global servers or KAD [do not forget to connect KAD]
Select them

i am trying right now

cool, now i got it.
But: may i ask again: cant you post some stuff at megaupload.com

I hope you can do it once you DL them :slight_smile:

Search under;

Athletics 1988 Indianapolis USA and you will be able to DL CL [9.78w] and FGJ [10.49] - 6-8 minutes of footage each

Those clips (Carl Lewis 9.78 and FLo jo, 10.49 are at macthrowvideo.com) No need for emule for these:


Just scroll down they are under the names:

"1988 Olympic Trials - Men’s 100M Final 9.78 Sec (50MB) MPEG "

“1988 Olympic Trials - 100M “Flo Jo” WR And Interview (37MB) MPEG”

Yep those are the same. Thanks!

How do you down load eMule? all I get are the options to read poetry and look at pics of royals

You probably want http://www.emule-project.net/home/perl/general.cgi?l=1