HSI-The Sprinters Download

Here are the HSI-Videos(man, i searched years for it…):

part 1:http://www.sleepingcommunity.com/thesprinters.htm

part 5:


other parts will follow in this topic!

Enjoy it,

" i WAS patiently waitin’ "

Good work PJB,

Looking forward to the other parts.



I can’t get the one from megaupload, I got the other one ok
any posibility of putting them all on the other server???

i am going to upload everything at Danel’s webspace.
It will take some time, but i inform you here, when it done.

You da man!

we now have part 1,2,3,5,6 available.

The problem is that megaupload or yousentit.com have a limitted number of Downloads.

So we collect it first on homepages and then we give you guys the adresses…

If someone cant wait, he can sent me an email. I can give some people the adress where to DL part 5.

OK, the 1st still doesn´t work;
the 2nd, i already have this one, and i believe all others, but they are in vhs format, recorded from Eurosport site in early 2004.
Tks anyway.

The 1st worked for me.

You´re right Captain, the 1st worked 4 me 2, but the 2nd still doesn´t work.

has anyone other part of HSI’s clips?
i.e. training in Europe?

hi there,
please I can I access the video on Dan server. This are the HSI VIDEO

Is it just two or are there more?

i have uploaded part 5 .
i am gonna post it here but my internet connection broke down at home. i can also post part 6.
Check AB.com for part 1 and 2 -->Lets rap / not video section

For training in Europe: you can see some stuff at Larrywade.net (i think thats the homepage). But i can t DL it there. If anybody got, please post it here…

Can you please post part 3-5 on here please as I do not have the Dan web server address.


Afixs - do you have any athletes going to Melbourne for CWG?



an hour after your post and I was too late already? :eek:
It’s not there…
Will you put all of them at some point in, say, DanielC101’s site?
Thanks for your time on this!

File doesn’t work.

It also says “Part 5” in the first post of page one… :confused:

strange…dont know why it doesnt work…

Yes, it would be great if we could put it on Daniels website, but i simply cant contact him at the moment…
i think his internet connection is down…

But i got everything at home and will upload all stuff for you guys, when Daniel is back.