How's This?

Wake up and take “nitrix”
Eat breakfast 30 - 45 min later

Around 11: take nitrix
Around 12: Lunch
Around 12:15 - Muscle Milk (Takes me about 15-20 minutes to get back home)
1:00 Go to the track and do my workout
2/2:30 - go to the gym
4:00 - A good whey protein (Im thinking of 100% Whey)
4:30ish - Eat something (?)
Around 6: Nitrix
6:30-7 is Dinner
Around 9 have Muscle Millk.

Then around 10:30 I get to bed

Just so you know, I do hav the money to buy the Nitrix, Whey, and MM. (I already have the MM actually)

Should I be adding any creatine?

I take a good handful of vitamins every morning.
(Lecithin, Fish oil, B Complex, etc.)

Any pointers? Any thing I should add?

Within the next week, most likely on the 19th, im gonna start my speed work and need some extra stuff. (If that makes sense :rolleyes: )

So, any help, suggestions, pointers?


Nitrix is creatine.

Stop wasting your money on garbage like Nitrix, please.

Don’t mean to be rude - but why the obsession with supps?

Anything promising to improve performance dramatically is probably bullshit so to speak - or, in the case of Nitrix, it is simply a known performance enhancer glossed over by good marketing tactics.

Here’s my advice:

1.) Quit wasting $$ on Muscle Milk.
2.) Quit wasting $$ on Nitrix.

Your only supps IF your diet is in check should be: Protein blend powder (i.e. whey/casein), Multi-Vitamin, Fatty Acid (either flax or fish oil), and ZMA. Creatine if you feel the need but you really don’t need to go overboard with all these “specialty” supps man.

All you’re going to get is an empty pocket/wallet. Trust me, been there, done that with all the fad supplements when I was younger but I’ve learned.