How's this for relaxed? (From the vault)

Hi Members,

Thought you’d like to see a familar face, in the true “relaxed” style.

Jeez, that is freaky. You see every muscle in his body working and then his face is calm as can be, likes hes daydreaming or something.

Thanks Rupert…thought i would bump this up since relaxation is talked about but performed rarely.

that’s the world Indoor Record of 6.41 for 60m from the final of the World Indoor Champs in Indianapolis in 1987.

looks way bigger than 175lbs

WOW!! Ben was god damn ripped… He looks like he’s going for a walk in the park.

Question. How did you train him to be so relaxed? Did you do any mental or physical training to get this level of relaxation?


Of course you’re always working on relaxation in practice, and the goal in competition is to run exactly as in practice, nothing special. The day you go for something special, you tighten up!

Cool! thanks for the tip.

About the picture, nice, very nice, best picture from Ben in action i ever see.
He looks like “tons of confidence”…

Now about the relaxation issue.
Hum, i don´t know…
I´m not putting you in doubt Charlie, course not, but it is hard to believe that ( for example ):
3x100m relaxed teachs more for sprinters than
3x100m all the way pushing hard…
I´m always hearing that “we have to run relaxed, we have to run relaxed” but;
What is this about ? What´s the secret behind and beyond this ?
There´s more sense in relaxation in 200m races but in a short shot like 60m ( 100 too ) ???

You MUST be relaxed to run at maximum speed. this reduces the resistance that would otherwise be provided by antagonist muscles. This is fundamental and applies to all at the top. note that 2nd place is also relaxed in the same picture.

I think various skill development measures can help enforce it…teaching something may create tightness and the key is unlocking it. Fluid hurdle mobility, rythmic skipping, and proper loading is key. If your teaching is great while your program is not providing enough rest or the progression is to agressive, sexy cues will not do jack. Tonus is key from optimal loads and long warm-ups are vital. Too much rushing and not enough patience from the coach. Everyone wants to solve things on the spot to feed egos!

Finally i got the key:
this reduces the resistance that would otherwise be provided by antagonist muscles

After that, i believe that i´m capable of an 11.0s ( i´m running 12 now ),
because, the only body part where i feel relaxation while running is my face.

Well, tks again Charlie.

Flying… going from 12sec, to 11sec would be something special. Here is a quote from Charlie: “The day you go for something special, you tighten up!” So, hopefully you mean 11sec within the next year or two.


Yeahh Herb, definitely you´re right !! :o
I told that because i´m that kind of guy that is 100% tense, do you know what i mean ? Every day, every minute, even on track, i´m tense, always trying to do more than i can, and i guess this is the problem for most of the begginers in here. :eek:

Yes, this thread really says all that you need to know. You spend the first part of your training and competition career trying to do something special, then you finally begin to notice that it’s about relaxing and not trying to do something special, I think I’ve seen the light these last few months and hope I can apply it to my competitions in the upcoming months.

Herb, i deserve something special, because i´m running in name of god.
So, 12 to 11 is very easy to him, but the problem is that,
it´s rain now, and i´m all feeling that i can run relaxed…but i need a dry track to test this…let´s hold until the rain stop.
I´ll describe here how was my “1st” relaxed 100m…